Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10. Handbag Porn

This is the epitome of classic with a twist. Classic literary favourites are taken; their titles used as inspiration and from there a bag is born.

Having dressed Claudia Schiffer in a t-shirt reading "Balmain Bitch"; a move that had her fired from the house of Balmain, it's hardly surprising Olympia Le Tan should defy convention with her line of bags that with their intricately embroidered covers offer such a detailed take on titles such as "Lolita" and "Huckleberry Fin" that they could be mistaken for the real deal.

Weaving brightly coloured fabric, felt and cotton, each bag is hand-made in France and is highly coveted and production is limited .. Just heed my advice and keep your bag close. I'd a boy identify with my clutch once saying it reminded him of a flask and this is one book I'd hate to see returned to the library.

Written by A L F I E A N D E L L E for Door 121


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