Saturday, August 27, 2011

11. Restaurant Review: Bar Indigo

Once the epicentre of high fashion; Double Bay has been relatively quiet of late. Perhaps this could explain why first-time visitors to this cafe are always in for a little shock. Elsewhere you’ll find relatively empty streets but round the bend and it would seem as though every local, if not already seated, is leaning against their luxury cars as they patiently wait for a table.

Audi’s line the way to Bar Indigo in Double Bay; a cafe so beautifully framed by box hedges, chocolate colored wicker chairs and the stunning surrounds of Transvaal Avenue, the feeling of being there is almost akin to a film where Etta James is playing At Last in the background and beautifully clad people are served by smartly dressed staff.

By the menu alone, any reference to a cafe is immediately discarded. This sophisticated dining. A beef goulash soup arrives piping hot. The perfect blend of spice, cream and thinly sliced pickles to garnish. The meat is melt in your mouth quality and the flavours interesting enough to warrant a second helping if not for being tempted by the rest of the menu.

Cafe’s remind me of albums sometimes. A few star tracks and the rest are average or mediocre but with Bar Indigo every element from the food to the location, the service, price and atmosphere are exceptional. It’s no wonder people are smiling as they queue.

Written by A L F I E A N D E L L E for Daily Gloss


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