Thursday, December 8, 2011

19. Bar Review: David Jones Wine Bar

As far as the bottle shop buying experience goes there’s very little that can bypass the cellar door. Product on display. Shiny bottles which in some cases have pewter hardware or as I discovered on a recent trip to the Hunter Valley, glass corks and equally illuminant hosts to take you through each morsel, one tasting at a time. Saddle up to your local and it’s unlikely this experience can be replicated.

Enter David Jones Wine Bar. Located on the lower ground floor of it’s Market Street Sydney store, with a new tasting system that features some 88 Australian and International drops, not only can you buy the bottles but for as little at $4 you can purchase a 70ml tasting thus ending the mystery of what each bottle contains before you buy it.

it’s an ingenious move by David Jones to expand their bottle shop into what was previously a confectioner, florist and mere thoroughfare. Wood paneled walls and soft lighting all add to the ambiance of the space which in addition to providing tastings, has some of David Jone’s finest cheeses on offer, cured meats, dips and a tapas menu on hand for those that wish to settle in and enjoy a drop or two.

David Jones Wine Bar
65-77 Market Street, Sydney 2000
T: (02) 9266 5544

Written by A L F I E A N D E L L E for Daily Gloss


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