Friday, November 11, 2011

18. Shock to Chic

In a fashion stratosphere dominated by bright hues and block colours, the landscape portrayed in An Ode To No One’s geometrical prints could be like escaping to a pastel lovers cockaigne!

Soft candy-cane collours in green, blue, peach and violet are reminiscent of a watercolour in terms of the prints ability to capture light, but in truth it’s not just light that head designer Adi Setiad is trying to portray but the landscape of the Antarctic. In his latest collection for SS1112 he pays homage to the enduring issue of global warming, capturing with his prints the melting ice caps of the continent.

With soft folds and sharp tailoring a balanced collection ensues. One that is neither masculine, feminine nor androgynous. It’s almost as if Setiad seeks to fulfill an idealistic female desire to be strong, conflicting with an additional desire to be ladylike. Certainly, the pretty empire waistlines are evidence of this but then there’s an element of 1960′s chic too with pea coats and high waisted short shorts that would do Jean Shrimpton and Edie Sedgwick proud.

And if you’re not ready to let go of your colour popping brights just yet, pair An Ode To No One with navy and electric yellow. Shock to chic? Tea party trash? With fashion currently no rules apply.

Written by A L F I E A N D E L L E for Daily Gloss


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