Tuesday, January 24, 2012

23. MINKPINK Vs The World

Anyone who's worked in an office space the size of a pocket will appreciate the new lease on life a bigger space can bring. In the case of MINKPINK their move to an airy office space in Sydney has coincided with the brands roll out of an epic, first-ever global campaign and one that I had the pleasure of viewing along with a throng of other bloggers and writers last week when MINKPINK hosted a tea-party complete with cup-cakes, bubbles, candy and croquet.

Had it been a night-time soiree I would have expected vodka shots. The MINKPINK design team are about the loveliest girls you'll ever meet but if there inspiration board is anything to go by it's a 1960's swirl of sex and rock 'n' roll that inspires the brand which for their new campaign has seen the designers pair vibrant furs with bright bursts of colour to pull off that quirky, eclectic chameleon type cool. This is fast-fashion. Curated wardrobes need not apply and whilst some might call that hedonistic, what's not to love about being a different version of yourself everyday?

Be Brave and Free ..



 Written by A L F I E A N D E L L E for Daily Gloss

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