Monday, September 12, 2011

15. Restaurant Review: Mrs Sippy

It’s late, dark and I’m wearing heels worth falling in as my neighbour Y and I go in search of Mrs Sippy. In The Beach Leonardo DiCaprio goes in search on an island on the basis of a conversation and a dodgy map and on the basis of a single tweet and a rumor – Y’s friend had an amazing night at a wine bar in Double Bay – “But they’re aren’t any amazing wine bars!” I protest, it’s 11pm and we’re stumbling around Double Bay with absolutely no idea where we’re going. At least Leo had a map.

Minutes later we’re at the bar. Toasting our discovery like we’ve just been re-born and I have to say I’m impressed at the staff as in spite of our unbridled enthusiasm they don’t skip a beat. And why should they? The crowd, a mish mash of ages, personalities and incomes is pumping and it’s refreshing to experience the variety that see’s strangers bump shoulders like old friends and the feel of being at a private party.

Emails say a lot about people and menus do the same. In London you’ve bar menus boasting double frozen and custom chipped ice but there’s nothing pretentious about this place. For the easily pleased Mrs Sippy offers Fish and Chips ($26) and Steak Frites fare ($28) and for the more adventurous at heart, a Octopus, Chorizo and Chickpea salad ($20) and a Pumpkin, Gorgonzola, Artichoke and Pinenut Pizza ($18).

As we settle down to Espresso Martinis ($16), the perfect combinations of vodka and cream de cacao ensuring these aren’t too sweet. I admire the decor, which I can only describe as hole in wall meets the Hampton’s. Exposed brick walls and factory style lighting contrast nicely with the whitewashed wooden floorboards, sparkling kitchen and open-air style of courtyard scattered with bright green potted plants.

As we leave I spot a good looking chap standing out the front looking in, hands in pockets and looking quite pleased and if it’s the publican Ben May then so he should be. Since my dog has been forced into exile I’ve been counting down the days until my lease ends however as of tonight I want to extend it until the end of summer. As far as bars go this is my beach and I’d rather get lost in here than say goodbye to paradise.

Mrs Sippy
37 Bay Street, Double Bay 2011
T: (02) 9362 3321

Written by A L F I E A N D E L L E for Daily Gloss


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